The difference might not be much according to EIU in a couple of tweets shared on Twitter today. It was a reassertion of a prediction made last year by the team of analysts.

This year, they have reiterated that the expected outcome is still possible despite a dip in Atiku's rating who proposed an amnesty for looters of public funds. The intelligence unit is convinced Atiku has work to do to convince balloters that he is corruption-free.

During a televised programme "The Candidate" with journalist Kadaria Ahmed, PDP's Atiku Abubakar shared that as the President of Nigeria, he will recover all the monies stolen in government by exchanging freedom for funds willingly submitted. This strategy may prove hurtful.

"We retain out forecast for #Abubakar to win, but expected margin of victory is narrowing as the poll approaches," EIU Africa reacts in a tweet.

Will things improve in Nigeria if Atiku becomes her president?

President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the PDP'S Atiku Abubakar are both northerners. They will most likely get an even share of votes at home but the PDP's candidate is favoured to receive more votes in Lagos because of the influence of his platform.

EIU made a note on this last October when it also mentioned that despite the edge Atiku has over the incumbent in terms of poll rating, the situation of things in Nigeria may not improve based on the absence of a party system relying on common principles.

"Without a party system based on shared principles, it will be difficult to overcome Nigeria’s multi-layered security threats. Instability and legislative paralysis will affect many aspects of the economic forecast."