Pulse Nigeria is the leading online news platform in Nigeria for timely and relevant news, entertainment and lifestyle updates. We deliver headlines by the hour on the most important and relevant news topics, helping millions of young people navigate current events and stay updated on happenings around them.


Pulse Nigeria employs more than 36 passionate and talented people who work together to consistently deliver top quality and relevant updates to be distributed to our diverse audience across Nigeria and everywhere in the world. They are united in the effort to inform and engage young Nigerians and Africans.

Dami Dawson

Director of Content


Samson Toromade



Solape Adegbie

Head of Social Media


Kelvin Elamah

Head of Social Video


Dennis Da-ala Mirilla

Head of Entertainment and Lifestyle


Bayo Wahab

Head of News, Business and Contributors


  • Pulse Fiesta

Now in its 4th year, Pulse Fiesta is a celebration of the connection between Pulse Nigeria and its audience. It is an evening of games, food and drink, and great live music on the beach from some of the top rated artists in the country. Pulse Fiesta is held every December in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Pulse Influencer Awards

Pulse Nigeria hosts the Pulse Influencer Awards every year. It is a coveted platform and an opportunity to shine the light on some of the country’s leading creators and influencers. Pulse Influencer Awards have been hosted for the past three years, with each year surpassing the previous one in reach, audience engagement and total number of votes.

  • Pulse Newsletter

With over 59 thousand subscribers, the Pulse Nigeria daily, weekly and monthly newsletters highlight some of our top stories for the period and keep the audience informed, updated and engaged.

  • Pulse Hot Takes

This YouTube content format invites popular discussants to tackle controversial topics that the audience finds to be extremely relevant. As a result, each episode of Pulse Hot Takes attracts lots of comments and engagement because of the regularly passionate nature of the discussions.

  • Pulse Inside Scoop

The Pulse Inside Scoop show features vulnerable conversations between the show’s host and the invited guest. Some episodes are shot with both participants sitting on a bed in a relaxed setting, which lends itself to the direction of the content format. Guests could be celebrities, influencers, or public figures in sports, music, fashion or entertainment.


For over a decade, Pulse Nigeria has told the most relevant stories. We’ve built an ecosystem of millions of followers across various social channels and the web. These communities have come to depend on Pulse Nigeria for daily updates on the most important news, lifestyle and entertainment topics.

  • Pulse Influencer Network : Pulse Nigeria announced the Pulse Influencer Network, a platform for collaboration between partner brands and leading influencers and creators in Nigeria.
  • Pulse Fiesta 2021 : Pulse Fiesta, a live music festival and beach party for Pulse’s audience, was launched in 2021.
  • Pulse Influencer Awards 2021 : The Pulse Influencer Awards were launched and warmly received by the entertainment industry and our audience.
  • Started 2013: Pulse Nigeria launched in 2013 in Lagos, with content offerings in entertainment, style, news and culture.
  • Community Impact

In December 2023, Pulse Nigeria visited Makoko community in Lagos to distribute food, clothing and mattresses to the community’s children and their parents. It was an initiative of PulseCares, the CSR sub brand of Pulse. As a responsible organization, we are committed to engaging with the communities around us and driving social impact.



The Pulse Nigeria brand is owned by Ringier Nigeria, which is part of Ringier AG, a diversified Swiss media group focused on creating and distributing content that inspires, informs and entertains.

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