During his impassioned speech, the son of the late music legend, Fela Kuti, emphasized the fact that most Nigerians do not know what it means to be Nigerian.

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According to him, this is the reason why the Westerners find it easy to mould us into whatever they deem fit.

Watch the video clip below:

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It is hardly surprising that these subjects were the main themes of Fela Kuti's songs during his life time, in which he spoke of slavery, racism, discrimination and much more.

Do you agree with Seun's take on the Nigerian society and the role we play in it?

Afrobeat musician rails against the political class

If there is someone who is upset with Nigeria's political and ruling class, then it's Seun Kuti.

The Afrobeat musician went on a Twitter rant today, Monday, September 4, 2017, and blasted the government and political class.

Seun Kuti fired his first shot by tweeting "So dey want us to think stupid, everybody celebrating, deyve bn celebrating all dis days, but who is celebrating d slavery days."

9:48 AM - Sep 4, 2017

The leader of the Egypt 80 band is also annoyed about the state pf education in the country. "Naija Youths ask again, Wetin b dis present Naija govt policy on Education?" tweeted Seun Kuti.

9:49 AM - Sep 4, 2017

He continued his rhetoric of how the government isn't doing its job and noted that Nigerians don't know much about the administration's policies.

You can read his full rant below;

9:49 AM - Sep 4, 2017

9:50 AM - Sep 4, 2017

9:50 AM - Sep 4, 2017

9:51 AM - Sep 4, 2017

9:54 AM - Sep 4, 2017

9:55 AM - Sep 4, 2017

9:56 AM - Sep 4, 2017

9:58 AM - Sep 4, 2017

9:59 AM - Sep 4, 2017

9:59 AM - Sep 4, 2017

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9:59 AM - Sep 4, 2017

9:59 AM - Sep 4, 2017

10:00 AM - Sep 4, 2017

In February 2017, Seun Kuti said it was better for the government to invest in education than in refineries. He also told Nigerians to resist the political system that is holding the country back.

Known for his conscious lyrics, Seun Kuti observed that Nigerians do not want to hear his musicbecause it reminds them of their numerous problems.