Actress Keira Hewatch has spoken about the controversial story involving her and Nollywood star actress Mercy Johnson.

A couple of years ago when Keira Hewatch starred in the movie ‘’ there were several reports comparing her to Mercy Johnson.

Apart from the resemblance angle, Keira revealed that some people thought the movie ‘2 Brides & a Baby’ was about Mercy Johnson. The resemblance controversy generated a lot of hateful comments for the young actress online.

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“It turned into a big thing. People were literally cussing me out on social media sites saying ‘oh you will never be like our Queen Mercy Johnson’, ‘whose comparing you to Mercy?’ and ‘you look like a goat’, and all that stuff like that” she revealed. “I used to be a very sensitive person. I sit in my house and be crying” she further said.

In the interview she denied ever saying she was better than Mercy Johnson.

As fate would have it the two actresses met this year. “I met her on the red carpet of the AMVCA 2015, and I couldn’t believe how sweet she was. She tapped me and said ‘Oh my God! I love you in Lekki Housewives’, and I literally started crying there” said Keira Hewatch.

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