Nigerian dance queen Kaffy, 34, has released a new set of promotional pictures.

The pictures were taken by one of Nigeria's foremost photographers Kelechi Amadi-Obi are sexy and stunning. In of the photos Kaffy is topless as she backs the camera.

While her new set of 'dance themed' photos have caught many eyes and have been praised, there are a few people who however disagree. According to some comments on Kaffy's pictures, a married woman with two kids should not be taking these type of pictures.

Kaffy swiftly replied to these comments. Replying to one Instagram user she wrote "did I wear it to ur house? Is this a fashion shoot for a cloth line. This is about body care and u r d judge of who is a perfect mum. This is my art if u don't like unfollow. Myopic minded good two shoes."

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Additionally she wrote "it's just funny cuz i live my life empowering women and youths and most of the time these women and i mean beautiful women have been suppressed and are depressed just because they have lost their sense of sensuality, self confidence all in the name of of catering for husband, children and career. taunted by  hypocrisy of d society where it is okay for the men but d women who actually bring stability and work hard to keep everything together are neglected. my life is set to inspire, be a mum, be a career woman, be a wife...u can still be strong, sexy, sensual, and a great achiever."

Peter Okoye of Psquare who has extensively worked with Kaffy came to her defence on Twitter;

"Shout out to dis hard working and intelligent woman for keeping it real. @kaffydance don't mind those hypocrites and mofos. Pls my advice to them, When they get married they should send der wives to women wings organization or CWO (ndi nne maamaaa or they should send der husbands to village meetings and beer pallor . Married or not, keep it young and fresh. Full stop. #StartTalking" he also wrote on Instagram.

Kaffy is married to drummer/music producer/ and now artiste Joseph Ameh popularly known as Papi J. They celebrated their third wedding anniversary on June 2, 2015. They have two kids together.

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