In her mind she knelt before his naked body, imagining his perfect abs and wonderfully erect dick. Soaking in the detail, she pictured smooth shaven balls that demanded to be cupped and licked.

Her lips parted in readiness to take him deep into her mouth while her fingers found the firm flesh of her clit and squeezed it gently as she imagined licking along the length of his shaft while looking up into his eyes and watching the pleasure unfold on his face.

Her neck and chest flushed a warm rosy pink as her excitement built rapidly, her arousal noticeably ahead of the action in her head. Her dream jumped forward to match her body and she found herself being lifted in his strong arms and felt the tip of his dick pressing against the entrance of her pussy.

Every movement edged her nearer to climax and she cried out as the first ripple of orgasm filled her senses, causing her hands to clench, fingers pressing hard against her most sensitive flesh, causing a second wave of pleasure to course through her and she cried out again.

Slowly she eased back to consciousness, her heart returning to a normal pace and her awareness of her surroundings replacing the fantasy of the dream once more.

Throwing back the covers she paused on the edge of the bed, toes pressed into the soft pile of the carpet, listening to the silence that penetrated the flat, checking that she really was alone.

Confident that her brother and his friend had indeed left earlier padding slowly across the hallway wearing nothing but yesterday’s perfume she left the doors to her bedroom and the bathroom open so that the music was still audible and turned the shower on.

He lay very still on the sofa. Last night had been one of heavy drinking and he had resisted all earlier attempts at being woken. He was supposed to be at football practice but there was no way he was going to go today so he pretended to be asleep and made his friend go on his own which was no doubt the reason he had slammed the door so hard as he left.

He thought that meant he had the place to himself for a few hours and planned to simply let himself out later. That had changed when he heard her cries of pleasure a few moments ago and remembered that his best friend shared a flat with his sister, someone he noticed several times and whom he had enjoyed flirting with in the past.

Feeling like an intruder he tried to ignore the curious pleasure of hearing her climax and listened carefully, convinced that she couldn’t be alone and waited for a suitable moment to either announce his presence or make his escape and spare the blushes of the couple that was clearly having fun in the next room.

He dressed silently, pulling on his jeans and shirt quickly so as to be ready to make his exit. He was about to move when loud music filled the air followed by the sound of someone moving from the bedroom towards the bathroom. This brought home to him the layout of the flat and he realized he had to pass both rooms to leave.

The sound of running water was just audible over the music and he decided that was his cue. Leaving his shoes off so that he could walk silently he made his way to the door but couldn’t resist peeking into the bedroom as he passed.

He was sure he had only heard one person enter the bathroom so he had expected to see someone, but the room and the unmade bed were clearly empty.

Thoughts spun through his mind, if there was only one person, then it had to be her and if she was in the shower then he definitely wanted a look. As the sister of a friend she had always been off limits but he had long held a secret desire to see her naked and he could always pretend to still be drunk from last night if necessary, this was too good an opportunity to miss.

He put down his shoes and walked quietly into the bathroom. As he rounded the corner he saw her in the shower. She had her back to him and he stood still, soaking in the view.

She looked even better in the flesh than his imagination had suggested and he felt instantly aroused. He was aware of growing pressure in his jeans and he knew he should leave but he was rooted to the spot, unable to turn away from the deliciously unauthorized sight before him.

The hot water was intoxicating and combined with the aftermath of her orgasm she felt completely relaxed. A broad smile covered her face as she stood to enjoy the hot stream of water over her while she replayed the dream in her mind.

She slowly turned, letting the water flow over her back and froze as she saw him standing there. It took a moment before she was sure whether he was really there or just a figment of her imagination. Encouraged by the dream and her still aroused state she smiled at him.

She said, "Get over here and join me".