When Men Gather

Ever wondered what men talk about when they get together, especially when there are some drinks to be dispensed of? Then stay with Men's Roundtable for an insight.

Before you mistake men's talk for something else, let us clear the air that men do not engage in gossips. That is a special reserve for women, by the way.

Men talk when they are together and even though some of the things they talk about can be seen to be mundane, men do not gossip, thank you.

While women gossip about mundane issues like who is wearing the latest design to whose boyfriend has been snatched, to little non-relevant issues as their make up, men engage themselves in serious issues like why President Muhammadu Buhari should lead his troop into the Niger Delta creeks and give the Niger Delta Avengers some good slaps for making his government look clueless.

Yes, men also talk about women and sex, but mind you, it is no gossip, it is just chit chat, especially when the drinks are flowing.

When men gather, one important topic they spend so much energy discussing is sport. It seems like nothing gets a group of guys more excited than a good sports event.

They know all the players in Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid. They know how much they collect as sign on fees and their salaries. They can tell you who will make the team for a particular match and can, often correctly, predict the result of matches not yet played.

Yes, without being ashamed, when a group of men get together, you better believe they are going to discuss women.

From the female body to the female mind, every man likes to compare notes and mull it over with their friends.

Have you ever heard a bunch of guys comparing memories of their younger years? These little moments of reminiscing are common among men, especially when they get together.

They relive their high school moments of great parties, big games, and hilarious pranks, the babe they dated and the great sex they had.

Men talk about politics all the time. They usually love expressing their opinions on politics. Whether they enjoy a heated debate or a few minutes commiserating about the bad economy, unfair taxes and stupid laws, most guys like talking about politics.

Alright, let’s just admit it. If you walk up on a group of men, young and old, most guys like to talk about sex.

Even if your guy doesn’t kiss and tell, he probably, at least, likes to talk about sex in a round about way with his friends. Guys are just naturally curious about how they are measuring up to their friends in this department.

That is what we are going to do on Men's Roundtable. We are going to talk about everything and everything on this page every other week.

It will be a no-holds-barred gathering of the guys where we will be discussing everything under the sun.

Just sit tight and get in the mood for a jolly good ride.


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