My name is Kemi Adetiba. I was born on the 8th of January 1980. My father is media guru Dele Adetiba and my mother is a civil engineer and first female president of the Association of Civil Engineers of Nigeria.

I studied law out of interest. I knew I would end up in media someway/somehow and needed a safety net. Media at the time I started was not as fashionable as it is right now and the industry was volatile.

I have always been surrounded by media. My father was on television, he ran an advertising agency as well so I was always around cameras and on sets. Also in my Primary 5, if I remember correctly I also did an OMO detergent promotion commercial, so I been in media from birth.

Like I said, I had done a commercial when I was just a little girl, so you could say that was my first taste of 'Television'. Radio came in round about my first year at University of Lagos studying law and was totally by chance. A good friend was trying out to join Rhythm fm and I think had been approached to recruit some young, virgin voices for their radio shows. I have very good music knowledge and he knew this so asked me to come through. One thing led to another, and I ended up with a job on the station even though I wasn't aggressively looking for one. My first show was SOUL'ED OUT with Demola Sadiq (then with the Cyrus da Virus moniker)

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Influential in what terms exactly? I come from an occupationally successful family. Yes! We pride ourselves in that. My parents have worked very hard to be known for the level of perfection they have put into their respective fields. They are known for their skill and hard work and I am very proud of them and slightly intimidated as they set a high bar to scale.

Not at all as initially my parents were not too stoked about me pursuing the media world. As I mentioned earlier, it wasn't as fabulous as it is now. Plus my dad was very concerned about how volatile the industry was and wanted me to be able to carve a career, not just make a living. So he was very hesitant in the beginning even though he is in media. Funny enough, my mum who is a professional (Engineer) came through earlier than my dad with regards to being comfortable with my career (laughs) but they have both been VERY supportive.

I have always been interested in music. I have always said that if I wasn’t doing what I was doing now, I would probably be a music producer or even a singer. I grew up with music, the Classics. My parents are huge music buffs. It was ingrained from birth. The visual aspect of it grew out of my artistic need to tell stories, visual or otherwise. Remember I am not a music video director; I am a visual artiste, a filmmaker. My videos just happen to be on the fore front of my career. I do films, commercials, documentaries, and TV content, anything that revolves around telling stories with visuals. No limitations!

Far too many to state, You might have to google (Smiles) However I have been privileged to work with artistes like and a host of others. I've been blessed, extremely blessed.

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I try not to see challenges. There are the obvious but I don't want to give too much energy to them by highlighting them. I could go on about how difficult it is conducting business in Nigeria but it won't be fair. I have the same even shot as everyone else.

Well it started off when I was on radio and television. I think it is the inevitable step if you are on any of those mediums and good, you are most likely to be called to compere events. I have tapered down a bit as I moved behind the camera as juggling it all is a challenge, but I still keep my hand in the hosting cookie pot. For instance, with , I have hosted for three seasons now.

Like I said, I've been blessed. I have no side gigs. I eat from my hands. And my hands are entirely in visuals right now, whether it is in front of or being the camera. God has been more than AWESOME to me in this regard.

I am excited. It growing and the world is just beginning to recognise and tap in. We still have a lot of areas to grow in, but even the most advanced industries were number 2 before they were a 100. Give us time. I love it! I'm excited! We shall see what happens.

By God's Grace, I'm working very hard so it can be. My greatest motivation is to leave a legacy behind and NOT fail those that believe in me (Smiles.)

I'm still a work in progress. Looking back I can't say any of my achievements have been great... Yet!!

Right now I am working on a TV show called . It’s a travelling set, lifestyle show. Fashion, cuisine, travel etc but each show will be personality driven. I also have a short film I am working on with my brother in production and a couple other projects you will hear about soon, hopefully.

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