A man whose name is Samuel Uzoma has declared war against witches living in his community after killing a mysterious cat now

Apparently, the animal has been visiting different homes to afflict them with different life challenges and he is not ready to be a victim.

On Facebook, he shared a short note of victory and the readiness of his community to combat any menace.

"While people are sleeping as it was meant to be, they will be busy moving around from one family to another, from one person to another in other to bewitch them, cause problems for them, disrupt people's success.

"They fail to realize that "the leg that moves fast, is being seen by an eye that sights vibrantly "for now the first witch is dead, we are ready for (witch hunt) part two............" " "," Uzoma wrote in a post shared today.

An image shows the dead cat with a broken head. The disturbing display as well as his declaration of war has raised brows for this reason.

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Paranoia kills the cat

Angry comments have met Samuel Uzoma's post. Many dismissed his idea as paranoia and berated him for killing a beautiful cat.

Blood stains captured on the animal's body inspired concern over the loss of life. The incident basically invited rage.

Too much movies may have induced the cat killer into a state of ignorance according to comments coming from some Facebook profiles.

Samuel Uzoma may have anticipated wrongly when he posted a picture of a dead cat he killed.