A man identified as

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In the horrific video that has already gone viral on the Internet, Peter is seen dragging his wife from a settee in their sitting room to the floor and proceeding to pummel her while she kept screaming and begging for mercy.

While Peter is heard screaming and asking his wife why should call him an idiot, Onyinyechi is heard screaming 'Jesus, oh my God, please don't kill me' while her husband kept beating her.

After he was done, he stormed out of the room slamming the door while his wife wept profusely on the floor.

However, many people who saw the video have been divided in their opinions as to the source of the video or the person who recorded the beating. Many wondered if the person behind the video knew Peter was going to beat his wife or if the women had set up the video in anticipation for the beating.

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Watch the video here.