David Oyedepo's Winners' Chapel is making the headline of international news once again.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), reports that Winners Chapel International plans to establish an independent school in Kent, United Kingdom.

In the report, BBC described Winners' Chapel as 'the Nigerian church accused of linking poor discipline to witchcraft', adding a YouTube video of Bishop Oyedepo slapping a woman and accusing her of being a witch.

The popular news site says Bishop Oyedepo who already has several universities, wishes to open a school at its Dartford site despite currently being under investigation by the UK Charity Commission.

But the plan is being blocked by human rights campaigners and the National Secular Society who are urging the government to turn down the school bid, claiming the church links child "disobedience" to witchcraft - citing the David Oyedepo Ministries website, which states "disobedience is as terrible as witchcraft".

From the report, what do you think of BBC's views on David Oyedepo and Winners' Chapel