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It was gathered that the woman who is in her 30s, was mad that after wasting four years of her life, her 27-year-old lover, Sadaqat Ali, who had promised to marry her, backed out of his promise.

The police said that the woman was arrested on Thursday, June 16.

“Initial inquiries showed that Sadaqat Ali, 27, had promised to marry Momel but was eager to carry on the clandestine relationship without tying the knot. It is a serious case and an inspector-level police officer is probing it,” local police official, Tasawar Aslam, said.

Aslam added that Momel argued that she was attacked by Ali and acted in self-defense.

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Ali is currently recovering in Multan’s Nishtar Hospital. The police also realised during investigations that the accused and the victim were each married to different people.