When Nigerians think of unsafe cities,

Over the past year, Abuja residents and dwellers have continued to notify people that Abuja isn’t safe anymore, with the rate of crime; robbery, kidnapping, assault and other violent crimes increasing over the past one year. Places like NICON Junction now require ultimate care to walk on, especially very early in the morning or late in the night.

That was exactly the story of a lady who was kidnapped by ‘one-chance’ operators in Abuja on November 9, 2018, around 5:30 am. According to Instablog9ja, the lady boarded the car going from Arab road, Kubwa to Nyanya, operated by 40-year-old Onyebuchi Ifeanyichukwu, and 35-year-old Anthony Sunday.

Unknown to her, they were ‘one-chance’ operators.

Who are ‘one-chance’ operators?

The pop culture identifier originates from criminals who pose as legitimate commercial drivers and passengers in a commercial vehicle, while one poses as a conductor to prey on the vintage impatience of passengers by offering them the last available seat on the vehicle, otherwise known as ‘one-chance’ or ‘last chance.’

Unwitting passengers get in and become victims of robbery, kidnapping, assault and even rape. These men divert vehicles from the planned routes to other routes to rob them. This is now very common in Abuja as operated by Ifeanyichukwu and Sunday.

While the car was initially meant for Nyanya, the two men diverted the car back to Zubar where they robbed the young woman of cash, phone, two ATM cards, and other valuables before abandoning her.

Nonetheless, they were however arrested by members of the Nigerian Police on November 10, 2018. Amongst the knives, nails, one phone, some jewelry, one bag containing women clothes (belonging to one of their victims) and a Honda Accord car that were recovered from the men, the police also found some female underwear on them.

You might remember that a few weeks ago, Pulse reported that a video posted on Instablog9ja where a man was seen advising women to be careful with their underwear. He claimed regular female panties were being purchased by ritualists for about N250K.

He also claimed that the panties with blood stains cost more, about N300k. Watch the video again here;

May God save us all.