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Masturbation Should you masturbate in front of your partner?

There is a chance that, at some point, your partner has asked you to masturbate in front of them or with them.

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Should you masturbate in front of your partner? play



You might not be super comfortable doing it in general, let alone with another person in the room. So, even though it might be a turn on for them, you might feel a little weird about it. But it's totally ok to feel weird.

There is no easy answer to “should you masturbate with your partner” because it all depends on what you are comfortable with. You are also always allowed to say no, even if you have done it before. But, let’s say you do want to do it, which is cool, how do you do it?

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When you are masturbating in front of someone, it’s probably a turn on for them. Maybe it’s a turn on for you! But it can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never done it. Whether it is a form of foreplay or just some sort of bonding experience, it’s supposed to be fun, so the first rule of masturbating with someone else it to make sure you actually want to do it.

Don’t do it just to make your partner happy, or because you feel like you have to. That will just make you feel bad later on, or even regret it, which is a terrible feeling. If it would make you more comfortable, ask them to masturbate with you!

You can even add toys or lube to make it fun for both of you. It can be a cool bonding experience if you are both into it. Make sure you are somewhere you feel comfortable, like your room or your bae’s room, and just masturbate the way you normally would.

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Also keep in mind that, sometimes, your partner might want to film you when you’re masturbating. They might want to keep a video of you for their own personal reference, but, honestly, you don’t know what will happen to those videos or pictures, and you don’t want those out in the world. If you say no to being filmed and they get upset, that’s a sign that your partner is sort of trash.

But, if you choose to masturbate with your bae, it should be something fun. If you don’t think you will have fun, don’t do it. They should be able to understand and support you.