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Orgasms Anytime, Anywhere This new app will help you cum in public

PicoBong™ has is created and invented a way for this to happen…and legally!

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Picobong Remoji play

Picobong Remoji


Imagine a world where everyone could orgasm outdoors in public and no one would know…Well it’s one step closer

This is the very world PicoBong™ imagined and they have invented a way for this to happen…and legally!

Only last week PicoBong™ launched an Indiegogo campaign for a first-of-its-kind REMOJI™ app that controls 4 new sex toys and it has already tripled its crowdfunding goal, securing over $30,000 USD in funding already - in less that 1 week!!

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The new awesome orgasm-giving app is now in development and it is seriously a fun way to play together! For the past week PicoBong’s creative developers have been working day and night on improving the app, testing the connection between app and toy, and now they are several huge steps closer to the dream!

The app has been updated with several musical vibration patterns: Punk, Indie and Techno. In the lineup still to come are some other music vibration patterns, as well as integrative fun game!

Want a sneak-peak into how the app works with the toys? PicoBong™ has created the video to show how serious they are about getting the app in to everyone’s hands ASAP.

Scroll down for video

PicoBong™ has some really great ideas for further development of the app and they are planning to get the public involved! Watch out for updates!