Of course, maybe not everyone loves Teni, but if a poll was carried out among music lovers, the majority will definitely be in her favour.

Teni is the accurate example of how to turn social media into your access to widespread acceptance, with how she has deployed tools like Instagram to her promotional vehicle.

From being called Oba Orin, which translates to 'King of Songs' to Teni the Entertainer and then Teni Makanaki, perhaps a reference to the iconic Cameroonian footballer, Cyrille Makanaky, famously known not just for his hairstyle, but his dazzling skills which Teni clearly exhibits on the microphone, Teni clearly lives up to every of her monicker.

She is a rare talent, a one-woman show that dazzles at every opportunity. Delivering her music in a mix of Fuji and Highlife with a splash of pop to create a perfect mix, Teni scales up on the list of artists that you can't help but really love.

5 reasons why everyone undeniably loves Teni Entertainer

1. Her voice

There are thousands of singers with amazing voices in the industry today, with very little setting them apart.

For artists on the come up, being distinct, easily recognizable from the crowd and commanding, is one area they struggle through in their early years and this is something that Teni has working for her.

It is infact her most charming and dazzling asset; rich, pure, resounding and contagious.

If there is a voice that cuts like hot knife through butter, then it is that of Teni. Her voice is so sweet, effortless and its smoothness transmits an exhilarating feeling to her listeners, the calibrations are also very charming, and when she is singing in an indigenous language, the result is pure angelic bliss.

2. Her originality and free- spirit

Originality is one word that is sparse in an industry where the chase for the next hit song is the day to day pursuit of every young artist.

For Teni, she is not exactly prepared to 'fake it to make it'. Teni is a bubble, one that radiates fun and a pleasantly appealing character.

Her ability to be down-to-earth is something a lot of new age artists are missing and to that effect, Teni is making a solid impression.

She looks and sound like someone that has multiple lives packed into one and is just here to enjoy the moment as each day passes away.

3. She doesn't really do normal

In an age, where being sexy or oozing diva attributes is the way to further 'stat pad' your talent for people to notice you, Teni is up in our face in her dungarees, oversized shirts, afro cut and all round tomboyish character, which in a way contradicts the soft texture of her voice but adds an exciting edge to her style.

At a point where every singer wants to jump on the next trending sound, Teni is found channeling inspiration from songs of old like she did on 'Fargin', infusing Fuji and Highlife music into her sound.

She walks to the left of everyone, and so far it is helping her find a path upon which only she thrives at the moment.

4. Her Instagram videos is a vibe on its own

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From sharing one-minute clips of herself on her Instagram page, usually rendering covers to popular songs, singing in multiple languages, or up to one prank or another like playing tennis or dancing on the streets.

Teni is constantly winning her way into the hearts of her almost 300k followers, sneaking into your subconsciousness and connecting you to her person.

5. Her music is actually good

While many love Teni for various reasons, her music is actually the reason why her name consistently remains in the conversation.

She released a couple of singles in 2014 and 2015, which flew unnoticed, and it was not until late 2016 when her songs like 'Amen' became a favourite, kick-starting a new phase in her career.

Even though often subliminally characterized by lustful lyrics, her song-writing and story telling abilities are quite noble.

She bagged the award for the Rookie of the Year at the 2018 Headies Award, and her single, 'Askamaya' is gradually becoming one of the biggest anthems for 2018, while 'Fake Jersey' also made the rounds especially during the World Cup.

Teni may not be the top-of-the-rung star just yet, but she is the complete package and everyone loves her.