Artist: Timaya

Album Title: Gratitude

Genre: Sentimental Ballad, afropop, afro-fusion, afro-soul, afro&B, EDM/Moombahton

Date of Release: November 18, 2020

Producers: Yung Willis, Orbeat, Ayzed, Spotless, Wireless Mouth, Chillz, Vibe O, BoomBeatz, Krizbeatz and Chris Strings.

Album Art:

Timaya - Gratitude. (DM Records)
Timaya - Gratitude. (DM Records)

Length: 15 songs, 49 minutes

Features: 0


Timaya - Gratitude. (DM Records)
Timaya - Gratitude. (DM Records)

Label: DM Records

Singles: 4 - I Can't Kill Myself, The Mood, Born to Win and Gra Gra

Details/Takeaway: On April 20, 2020, the DM Records boss took to his Instagram to announce the title of sixth studio album, his willingness to release it and to tell his fans the reason for the delay. He went ahead to then ask his fans if he should release the album.

At the time he said, "Beautiful people, what's good? Listen. I was supposed to be bringing out my album, titled 'Gratitude.' I've been waiting for this corona period to get over, but I don't see that coming any time soon. So what do you want to tell me, should I drop it? I'm asking because I don't want to look too insensitive, but trust me, I want to drop that album... It's fire.

"Tell me what you think, should I drop it or should I wait till after corona?"

The last project Timaya dropped was Chulo Vibes in 2019 and it spawned the hit, 'I Can't Kill Myself.' His last single was 'Win,' with Falz. 'I Can't Kill Myself' actually makes 'Gratitude.'