Eniola Salami, the main character of Kemi Adetibas movie,

The movie star, in a chat, revealed that she was touched beyond words when she got the script because she knew it was a defining moment for her career.

The Wedding Party actress also said Kemi Adetiba has a unique way of bringing out the best in every actor.

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Sobowale further said because Kemi believed in her abilities to take on the role of Eniola Salami in 'King of Boys' and deliver it to the delight of the audience, she was willing to give her all.

Kemi Adetiba drives you hard to get the best out of you

Kemi is a killer, I almost died. Kemi is a slave driver but thank God. She would say to me do you want to look bad on that screen at the end of the day, everything I am doing is for you to look and we thank God for the result but the one that baffles me is when she commends a scene and says that was nice, that was beautiful but says we should have another take and before you know it, we would have had 10 or 15 takes.

I remember a particular scene we were shooting and I was already in action and I heard a distance voice faintly saying get aunty S a chair, get her a bottle of water, I asked what was going on and Kemi said aunty S, you are fainting and I sat down and didn't know I was shaking vigorously. That is the kind of director Kemi is, the type who sees the work and sees the person, other locations, maybe I would have been dead by now.

I got the King of Boys script after a lunch with Kemi Adetiba

After the wedding party, I got a call from Kemi Adetiba, she calls me aunty S, she aid where are you and I told her I was home. She asked me to join her for lunch somewhere in Victoria Island and I joined her because I love food and I love her personality.

After eating, she brought out a big book and gave it to me, I said what is this and she said, King of Boys. When I first saw the script, I asked what is this, and she said it is the script for her new movie called King of Boys. I asked her if she knew what she was doing after flipping the script and how much it will cost and she said God will do it.

Then I asked again, what are you giving me to do and she said, the King. I laughed and asked her if she believed so much in me to deliver the role and she said yes. I told her she will be gambling with her life, her saving, career and everything for me and she aid yes.

This is what God has ordained me to do

I told her I have been around for a while from my days in NTA, Village Headmaster, Mirror in the Sun, Suara and several other productions but she wasn't moved, she said the role was for me and I looked at her and said, Kemi after all these year, you have given me a chance to do this because this is all I do, this is what I know how to do best, this is what God has ordained me to do and you Kemi are the one giving me this, you are giving me opportunity to shine, for the whole wide world to know this is what Sola knows how to do best.

And I promised her that a she has believed in me, I won't let her down and God will do wonders and God did it. It's teamwork but I have to thank Kemi Adetiba for giving me the chance and opportunity.