Yesterday (August 13) Monica Omorodion Swaida who initiated the public raising of funds for the rehabilitation of music legend Majek Fashek visited Pulse TV.

During her interview she exclusively spoke to Pulse about the iconic Reggae singer in rehab. "Yeah it is out in the news now. Last month and a half we managed to get Majek into a great facility in Abuja where he has been cared for by great Dr. Vincent and our huge sponsor Chief Ayiri" she told Pulse TV.

Speaking more on the oil billionaire she said "This man has never seen Majek before but this man has been paying for 90% of his the bills, and now he's taken 100% of the, and I have actually stopped fund raising for him because Chief Ayiri s taking care of everything now. Kudos to him."

When asked why she started raising funds for Majek Fashek, Monica Omorodion Swaida she said he was like a father figure to her, and she wants to restore him back to his greatness.

"Majek and I come way back. He is more like a father figure to me. He mentored me a lot...We have a legend. I mean in America when you talk about Majek people are so...I mean I am talking about America not just in Nigeria. Some people cry just listening to his music, and we have this guy on the street, walking on the street, people mocking him. People don't understand that drugs, alcoholism, any kind of drug is a sickness" she said.

"We need to help him. That is where the government should come in. The country should come in and help. So that's why I decided to take it upon myself to bring more awareness and get this brother of the street so that he can come back to his greatness because there has not been any artiste like Majek even in America" further said Monica Omorodion Swaida.

On August 10, Monica Omorodion Swaida was present at Majek Fashek's press conference. In June, Swaida who was a former back up singer for Majek Fashek announced her plans to raise funds for the music maestro.

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