Celebrity gossip sites, blogs, Instagram gossip accounts, tatafo (gossip) Twitter accounts and soft sell newspapers- we are addicted to them.

Yes, we are addicted to the conveyors of celebrity gossip. We can’t have enough of who is sleeping with who, who broke up with who and who is beefing who. Billions of people are hooked on

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The rise of the reality TV game hasn’t helped abate the hunger of the fiends from gulping on celebrity gossip. It has increased the desire for more trashy news online and on paper.

Behind the sleazy glamour, the celebrity gossip industry is serious stuff with a lot of people employed to write about, take pictures of and in some cases blackmail celebrities for juicy gossip. In monetary terms the celeb gossip industry is making solid money.

The celebrity gossip industry in America was worth $3bn in 2011. In Nigeria if you take into account that a blogger who regularly posts dirt about celebrities presently lives in a mansion in Banana Island, then our own gossip industry should be worth some nine figures in Naira.

Celebrity gossip isn’t stopping anytime soon because there is demand for it. Not everyone wants to read about the tussle between APC and PDP. Some people want to know who Genevieve Nnaji is dating. Going by the basic law of Economics when there is demand, supply must be met.

The question here is why do people love celebrity gossip and why are they hooked on knowing about the secret lives of the rich and famous? The answer isn’t far fetched really.

Firstly, human beings are wired are tuned into gossip, celebrity or not. We love to hear stories about our neighbours or about that sister in the choir and the brother in the Ushering department. It’s in us. It’s just human nature. Celebrity gossip is just an upgrade of the gossip we listen to on a daily basis.

It’s exciting to know about what goes on in the homes of celebrities. We want a peep into their lifestyles and how they live and what they do. Knowing about John Dumelo’s latest movie isn’t enough. We want to know if he and Yvonne Nelson are secretly dating and are planning to get married in a low key ceremony soon. Gossip gives us an avenue to see our celebrities unfiltered. We want the real deal, the real stuff.

Secondly, celebrity gossip is a means to an end. When the realities and hardship of this world strikes hard, we want to escape and feel enjoyment. Celebrity gossip is an escape from our reality into the supposed reality of a celebrity. Taking our minds away from our problems we read up on gossip about a celebrity which creates some sort of enjoyment. It takes our minds away from our daily duties into a world where you can dwell on the lives of others, more famous people to be exact.

At the end of the day it is just all about human nature. We are attracted to gossip about celebrities. That’s the way it has been and that is the way it has always been.