Guilt tripping in the name of charity

Religious and charity organizations should stop emotionally manipulating celebrities to do stuff for free.


What Bovi is going through is not unusual in the entertainment industry. A lot of religious organizations are in the habit of not paying the full fee for a comedian or MC. Some of these churches hide under the umbrella of ‘doing it for the lord’ or ‘having no money’.

More straightforward religious organizations prefer to pay honorarium to singers or entertainers which is an accepted way of remuneration entertainers for their services.  A honorarium is “a payment given for professional services that are rendered nominally without charge.” What this means is that instead of paying the full fee, a percentage of the fee is paid. This is a better arrangement that no payment.

Religious organizations are not only the guilty ones. Charity organizations in Nigeria also play the no money card. They guilt trip singers or celebrities to show up their events under the guise of doing it for a good cause.

I don’t believe celebrities should charge exorbitant fees for religious or charity events but these organizations shouldn't  guilt trip them either to give their services for free. It’s highly manipulative. Don’t lean on people’s kind nature to do things for free.

If a celebrity wants to offer his services to charity for free it’s fine but the decision should be made by the celebrity and not the organization that wants his or her services. No one should be controlled to do his job for free. A professional service demands a professional fee.

A lot of Nigerian celebrities don’t like being a part of some charity events because of the manipulation to do things for free. Free services don't pay bills.

Bovi was right to rant against these men of God that don’t understand that he has to paid for his services. If he wants to perform for free then it’s his decision. No one should force him to offer a service for free.


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