On the cover of the latest edition of Genevieve Magazine is the lovely Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli.

In her cover story the actress spoke about leaving the acting scene for ten years, and her latest movie ‘’.

Also in the interview the actress spoke about she met her husband.

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“He had been trailing me, but he couldn’t find me, until a friend of his found me and told me he was looking for me” she said, “I found out later that he had given up the search a long time earlier because he thought that I had deliberately given him wrong information, but it wasn’t the case.”

“We had both been given the wrong information. The accommodation I had at first outside the campus turned out to be a male hostel and I had to move out. When he came calling, I had moved out! If it were you, what would you think? The girl has ‘posted’ you right? Anyway, he found me and came immediately to see me. He then disappeared for some months, and when he appeared again, we started dating, and two weeks later he proposed!” she further said.

Omoni Oboli whose movie came out on October 1, also narrated how her husband proposed to her. “Yes it was a funny proposal though. You know when you have those conversations with a guy, and he keeps on mentioning things like, “if we were married, do you think it would be good to do this or to do that?” or “our children would be beautiful.” So I stopped him one time and said, “Wait a minute! All this “if we were married or our children this, or our home that, what exactly are you saying’. Are you asking me to marry you?” Then he asked me to marry him, and of course I didn’t hesitate to say yes!” she said.

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The actress said why she was comfortable in accepting his proposal only after two weeks. “As my husband said, most men know what they want in a shorter time than they try to make out. My husband has never been the kind of man to wait for what he wants, if he wants something he goes for it. And his confidence and likability made it easy for me to love him right back and commit so quickly. He basically ran me over with his love.”

Omoni Oboli has three sons with her husband.

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