Over the last few weeks, weve not only seen but watched how Juliet Mgborukwes marriage crisis has played out on social media.

Maybe the reason we get to see celebrities wash their dirty family linens on social media is that it has become a part of our lifestyle. Well Juliet Mgborukwe and her now estranged husband, Chima Ojukwe have kept fans and admirers busy with the details of messy marriage.

We want to share with you guys all you need to know about infidelity and domestic scandal rocking Juliet Mgborukwe and Chima Ojukwe's marriage.

1. The Domestic violence allegation

The drama in the marriage between Juliet Mgborukwe and her now estranged husband, Chima Ojukwe broke the Internet early July 2018 with the actress alleging that she was physically assaulted by her husband. She went on to post photos of the injuries she sustained from the assault she faces in the hands of Chima on her Instagram page.

"Things sometimes are not always what they appear to be. For Chima and his people spreading fake stories, please move on, I have moved on with my life already. I choose not to talk about my personal life, that chapter of my life has been closed the day I walked with my kids months ago and it remains closed forever. My kids and I are in a happy place, and that is all that counts; I will appreciate if Y’all can please respect that as well as we have little kids involved and we are focused on raising our kids right. Thank Y’all for your Love, concern, and understanding, I appreciate Sorry had to take down the first post, couldn’t stand looking at me Blood," she captioned one of the photos.

2. Someone was cheating

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Like they say, there is always two side to any story especially when it involves marital issues and this came to play when Chima Ojukwe shared his own part of the domestic violence allegation leveled against him. According to him, she was sleeping around for money and even got beaten by one of her lovers.

He made this known in a series of photos and conversations between Juliet and her alleged lovers via his Instagram page on Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

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"Now these are her cheating texts while married as you can see the first one is from the same dude that beat her up and kicked her out the apartment, the second one she’s asking for money from some Nigerian guy like the one I was giving her wasn’t enough, money greedy woman if she’s a woman at all, third one is the divorce paper I filed now she claimed she’s set to divorce me lol, so tell me who’s actually the petitioner on here?... Swipe," he captioned one of the photos.

3. Threats of fire and brimstone

A few days after revealing that Juliet was cheating while they were still married, Chima came out to reveal how she used him to get a green card in the United States. He didn't stop there, he went on to share photoshopped conversations he had with Juliet's sister on his Instagram page where he threatened to use not just his lawyers but killers to deal with her.

"When what’s her name’s sister is mad telling me she will send out messages of me begging her and her family to tell what’s her face to keep her marriage and stay, did I ever say I dumped this woman? I made it clear she left me after she got the green card but then got mad cause I moved on, she really thought I was going to die crying on the corner soon as I moved on now all hail has broken lose she said she’s gonna put out messages showing people I begged her sister to keep her marriage and this one is at home with a baby her baby daddy bluntly refused to marry into their family but Chima the Mugu with his soft heart wouldn’t even look at what other people saw smh, this the last time I talk about this I’m putting my page on private and if I see one negative comment you are blocked I’m done with this shit all the negative Nigerian low lives need to go get a job ???" he wrote.