Following her never ending feud with ex-husband,

The Nollywood actress whose marriage with Daniel Ademinokan hit the rocks few years back, revealed in an interview with Tribune Newspaper what she most longed for from her previous marriage, her relationship with her ex-husband’s lover Stella Damasus and her acting career.

When asked if she had given up on marriage, the mother of one had this to say,

"No, not at all, I believe that when God says its time, its time. I will never ever give up on love or marriage or trying again, I still believe in love."

Simeon also revealed she doesn't see her son constantly as he currently stays with his dad in the United States.

According to her, the case is still in court and all she wants is her son.

"All I want is my son. We are still in court, so I don’t say much about it."

Asked about her relationship with Damasus, Doris did not spare any words as she disclosed 'she and Stella do not talk!'

She said,

"I am not Stella’s friend, she and I don’t talk. We’ve never worked together before, so we are not friends, I don’t have any business with her."

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