QUIZ: Which popular beer are you?

Here's your chance to know which beer you share personality traits with.

Beer Quiz

Pulse Nigeria

1. How old are you?

23 and below
Between 24-27
Between 28-30
Above 30

2. Where did get your University education?

A federal uni in Nigeria
A state uni in Nigeria
Outside Nigeria
Haven't got a uni education

3. Choose one

4. Choose one

5. Where would you rather have fun at?

A bar
A restaurant
At home
A club

6. You have a bottle of beer. Pick something to eat.

Jollof rice
Fried chicken
Fried meat

7. When are you likely to drink beer?

Any time I feel like it
Only during festive seasons
At parties
Your score: Star radler
Ha. A Radler-drinking human! You are likely calm, with a very cool and collected vibe. You are not a fan of living life on the fast lane. It's not like you are not ambitious oh, you are just a fan of the process as much as the result. Respect!
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Your score: Heineken
You have a Heineken personality but you are definitely a star. You also have some international aura about you. If you are not outside Nigeria now, you are planning to japa soon. You are orderly and have your shit together. You should consider sending us dollars because you are also likely very rich or soon to become super rich.
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Your score: Gulder
Ah. A man of culture! You are like 30+ or very close to it. Not much scares you. You enjoy an easy life but you are also not scared of adventures... of living on the edge. Sometimes hard guy, sometimes lover boy/girl. Members of the opposite sex are drawn to you for reasons they can't quite decipher.
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Your score: Guiness Extra Stout
Proper hard guy. Definitely 30+. You embrace the tough life and relish the opportunity to solve tough issues. Your looks can be deceiving because although you look cool and calm, you are also tough as nails. Na person wey vex you go know for body.
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