QUIZ: How much do you love to sleep?

Is your love for sleep abnormal? Let this quiz expose you.

Sleeping woman

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If sleep was a beautiful woman, which of these would she look like?

What would sleep look like as a sexy AF man?

Worst sleep experience?

Slept in a bus beyond your busstop
Missed an exam because you overslept
Slept and burnt food [and your kitchen?] badly
Missed a flight because you overslept
All of the above
Something worse than all the above

Which of these is sweeter than sleep?


Which is your best version of sleep?

Afternoon nap
Quick power nap at work
A good night sleep
Sleeping during sermon at a religious event
Sleeping with someone 😜

Do you snore?

Depends on who's asking
I'm not comfortable answering this question
Your score: More than food!
What is an expensive date when you are never tired of chilling with your pillow on your bed? Any time anyday, you'd always pick sleep over food. Over 100, your love for sleep is 60%.
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Your score: More than sex and food combined!
Only novices and ignorant people think sex and food are better than sleep. But you are neither ignorant; neither are you a novice. Your love for sleep over 100? A solid 90. You love sleep die.
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Your score: More than sex!
That is the face you make people bother to mention that sex is sweeter than sleep. Which sex? The one that does not last more than 2 minutes? LMAO. For you, sleep is sweeter than sex and that's a fact you'll stand by. You know what? We feel you and we aren't judging.
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Your score: Your love for sleep is normal
You sleep when you should, where you should and how you should. Although you snore sometimes, it's all good. A normal 50/100 rating for you.
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