Looks like this certain, ‘madman,’ named

Who remembers Clifford Orji? The infamous 'cannibal' who supposedly ate human beings for a living while posing as a ‘madman.’ When he was finally nabbed by Nigerian law enforcement, stacks of cash were found in his home, and allegedly, so were complimentary cards bearing names of the rich, mighty and popping.

Ritual killing is a booming business in Nigeria, no amount of wokeness can erase that. People still believe they can get rich off murdering and sacrificing their fellow human beings, and that is probably one reason why Dele, a supposed ‘madman,’ wandering the streets of Isikan Market, Off Ondo-Road, Akure was nabbed by members of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

According to Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Dele had been popular around the area, parading himself as a madman, but after witnessing some of his shady behavior, that looked to endanger lives and property, residents of Isikan, Akure - his dwelling space - reported Dele to the NSCDC because they felt he could be a kidnapper — Dele was picked up.

Alas, the madman had a phone. He also receives credit alerts. And yes, one of such credit alerts brought in a whopping N1.5 million. Did I hear you say, how? Yeah, join us in asking the same question.

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This event was confirmed by Commandant of the NSCDC in Ondo State, Pedro Awili on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. According to Awili, the culprit has been handed to the Corps’ Quick Response Squad (QRS) for immediate arrest.

‘Madman Dele,’ the culprit and seven other criminals were paraded for various offences before journalists at the command’s Alagbaka office, Akure later that day.

Awili said, “The QRS team of the Command on October 15 arrested one Dele who was pretending as a madman at Isikan area of Akure with Itel phone.

“When our men arrested him and checked his mobile phone after some few seconds, he got a payment alert of N1.5 million into his account.

“Immediately the alert entered, he forcefully collected the mobile phone and smashed it on the floor. We went to repair the mobile phone to know and ascertain the person that sent the money to him and the persons he is working for.”

Awili further said the suspect belongs to a syndicate of serial kidnappers terrorizing people and innocent residents of the state, endangering lives and property.

He promised that the command would keep investigating the case to ensure justice is properly served on the culprit and his fellow kidnappers in the state.