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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny Lenny's adventure with his uncle's wife and her sister [Part 10]

Lenny has been having the time of his life, with his uncle's wife and even better, with her sister. The house belongs to them once his uncle and his wife go out.

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I continued to hammer her ass with long thrust then suddenly I felt that familiar tension in my balls and I knew I was close. I began to pound my raging dick harder into her ass in search for my release. She was yelling and moaning, clawing and scratching at the chair begging me to cum.

"Give it to me, give it to me, give me your cum, cum in my ass."

I took firm hold of her hips and slammed once more full force into her ass. I did that three or four more times and then I let out a loud groan as I emptied my seed deep into her bowels. I was surprised by how much cum I produced as my dick continued to hammer into her ass.

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When I was finished I pulled out of her ass as Remi collapsed on the chair utterly spent. I slumped down next to her trembling body. I looked over at her and I noticed my seed oozing from her anus. It was an erotic sight.

Remi and I got up and returned to the Jacuzzi where we soaked our aching muscles. After the Jacuzzi, I offered her a massage which she gladly accepted. I had her lay face down and worked her back, legs and buttocks. Not so surprisingly I got an erection as I massaged and fingered her ass again.

I easily came a third time that afternoon when I fucked her ass again. I was thrilled that she had decided to give up her ass to me.

We cuddled together briefly and then she suggested the pool to cool off. We were both overheated and the pool water felt refreshing.

"Are you okay? Did it hurt? I know you were worried."

"I'm fine. I had been thinking about letting you in my ass. I was still apprehensive about your size but you were very unselfish. Once I opened up, it felt wonderful and I love feeling you shoot in my bottom. We will do it again but it will always be special."

"Are you going to tell Sade?"

"Of course, she knows I like anal and probably thought it was only a matter of time."

"Do you think she may try it?"

"I doubt it but don't worry, you have mine now."

The three of us continued to have sex when we were in the mood. Sometimes it was twosomes and a few times threesomes. These two sisters were incredibly hot and what was more erotic was that they were my aunt.

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On Thursday morning after my uncle left for work, I decided to take a morning swim before I worked on the swimming pool. I was only in the pool about 30 minutes when Sade arrived.

"Good morning, I can see that you still have some energy."

"I don't know how. You and Remi wear me out."

"Oh, who wears who out?"

"Where's Remi?"

"Still sleeping, I heard you out here after your uncle left for work."

"Are you coming in?"

"No let's use the Jacuzzi. I like having sex there."

I left the pool and we got into the Jacuzzi after I removed the cover. The warm water felt good and we relaxed briefly before our foreplay began. Sade sat in front of me and I hugged her slender body and pulled it close to mine. My hands sneaked under her bra and held her lovely breasts. I felt the nipples stiffen in my palms as I fondled them gently.

She reached behind and squeezed my erection in my short before fishing it out through the leg opening. As she stroked my dick, I moved my right hand down to her vagina and slipped it in the panties. We played with each other for several minutes before she needed more.

"I need to sit on your dick. I'm really hot."

Sade turned around to face me and I pulled her panties well to the side baring her pussy and buttocks. She straddled me as she had many times and lowered her pussy onto my rock-hard dick. She emitted a gasp as it filled her and she began to move slowly. I held to her shapely ass as she rode me.

"Oh God, I love this. I love having your dick in me."

"You feel good, Sade, I like fucking you."

"Oh, this is going to be a quick one."

She no sooner got the words out of her mouth when she climaxed. I could feel her vagina grasping my dick as she buried her face in my shoulder. I held onto her  and squeezed her firm curvy ass.

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"Oh wow, that really was quick. I must have been thinking about it too much. Stay in me, I want to cum again."

"Gladly, I could stay in you all day."

"I wish."

She began riding me again and I loved being in her and caressing her fantastic body. I moved my hands to her breasts again slipping under the bra. It was kind of a turn-on for both of us to be wearing our underwear and fucking in the Jacuzzi.

"I'm cumming, here I go again."

Her body trembled and shook on my lap as she achieved another orgasm. This one more intense than the last. I held her to me as she once again buried her face in my shoulder. We remained coupled together for several minutes before she moved off of me. I was still hard but I had not cum. She would see to that next.

"Sit up here on the edge," she told me.

I did as she said with my dick fully erect sticking out through the leg opening in my short. She pulled the short even further to the side freeing my testicles. Sade wrapped one hand around its girth and looked up at me with those daring eyes.

She then tilted her head back down and brought her mouth towards my dick.

She ran her tongue up its smooth underbelly and I groaned aloud

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