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Hot Pulse Things To Talk About On Your First Date

Avoid that awkward silence on that first date.

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First dates could really get awkward or even disastrous when one doesn't know the right things to talk about. Here are a few things you can try out while making conversation on the first date.

  1. Get to know more about the person: Ask for their favorite things, like movies, places they hang out, what they enjoy doing and what they like. This is to establish whether you are compatible with the person.

  2. Talk about their friends and what they do for fun: This helps them lighten up because it initiates a conversation about something they are comfortable with. As much as possible try to avoid controversial topics like politics or religion.

  3. Do not talk about your Exes: Talking about your ex makes you look vulnerable and give a wrong impression about how you handled your last relationship. They might even believe you still like your ex.

  4. Avoid sex talk on the first date: Having a conversation about sex on the first date could turn what could have been a beautiful relationship, into a booty call situation.

  5. Try to avoid uncomfortable questions: Make sure your date is able to ease into whatever conversation or question you are engaging them with.

Making your first date as comfortable and engaging as possible increases the chances of getting subsequent dates in the future.  Also try to be a good listener and stay as open minded as possible.

Above all, you cannot talk about everything on your first date so try to take it easy with the information you reveal.