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Masturbation Here's how to get your girlfriend to masturbate for you

Some women are not cool with masturbating in front of their partner.

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Here's how to get your girlfriend to masturbate for you play



So you want her to masturbate in front of you. But the question is, how do you get her to do it?

Whether your girl does enjoy flying solo or has never tried it before, watching her get her freak on by herself is something that can seduce both of you and make your sex life sizzling. Here’s how you can convince her to masturbate in front of you.

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1. By telling her you want to watch her

She may think it’s a stupid idea, or that you’re trying to handle her in some way so that you can judge her. Getting her to believe that the idea of watching her masturbate for you is a huge turn on is a different story altogether. Try some dirty talk in the bedroom next time you and your lover have sex. While you’re touching her clitoris, let her know how much it would turn you on to see her touch it.

2. Assist her during foreplay

Slowly rub her breasts, hips and lower stomach with your hand underneath hers so she can feel what you feel when you’re having sex with her. Look into her eyes and show her how hot it makes you when you see her touch herself. As you move your hand down to her vagina, let her take the lead once you feel she is adequately turned on to keep going. Again, you want to do this slowly because if you move too fast, you could freak her out.

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3. Mutual masturbation

This will actually encourage her to do more! Sit in a chair by the bed, watching her masturbate while she watches you. If you or your partner want it to be less awkward and more intimate, try laying next to each other on the bed, facing each other. Ask her if she likes watching you masturbate as much as you like watching her. Remind her over and over that you absolutely love what she’s doing and simply can’t help but play with yourself.