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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Ifeanyi's naughty evening at the office [Pt. 46]

The Director has arrived and she is here in an outfit that delighted Ifeanyi, she was in a trench coat. He didn't need to guess what was underneath .

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Ifeanyi stepped out of the bathroom and had the towel running through his hair as he stood in front of the mirror in the room. He had always loved standing in front of a mirror admiring his naked body but ever since he had seen Kene’s dick at the office, it had held no more appeal to him because he had thought and imagined how he would feel if he had Kene’s dick and stood in front of a mirror naked.

The thought had made him feel really inferior and since then he stopped admiring his naked body infront of a mirror, well up till now.

His phone rang and brought him back to reality, he turned around and rushed to pick it up. It was the director..he picked up.


“I am around” Came the voice and she hung up. Ifeanyi stared at his phone for a second before shaking his head. Just who did she think she was? Well, she was his boss for one and she did have a banging body for two.

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He did not need clothes, she knew what she was coming here for. He wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out into the living room.

There was no sign of Dara in there but by now the second lady had arrived and just like first one, she was a stunning beauty. Frank was having a swell time entertaining and smoking with them. Ifeanyi nodded at the new lady and she gave him a smile in return.

He did not know if she was that friendly or the fact that he was half naked and she could see his half naked physique that had her smiling. Whatever it was, he was going to have to get back to her. He got to the door and took a deep breath before opening up. What he saw totally blew his mind. The director had been transformed into what looked like a high class escort.

She had let that her hair down and for the first time since she had stepped into his life, Ifeanyi could see just how long her hair really was. Or maybe it was just a wig. Then she had a trench coat around her,it was barely reaching her knees. Just about the right length for him to see the knee high boots she had on. Ifeanyi was not sure he wanted to know what she had beneath.

The trench coat had just enough top buttons undone for him to feed his eyes on her cleavage.

“Are you going to fuck me here or invite me in?” She ask with a devilish smile playing on her lips.

He did not say anything but just stepped aside and motioned for her to come in. He had things to say but the thought of actually fucking her in the hallway had been registered with his brain and it was taking every ounce of control at the moment not to take her right then and then.

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Dara walked into the living and smiled at the occupants.

“Hello” She said with a smile.

 They answered in unison and waved to her amid all the smoke all up in the air. She nodded and turned to face Ifeanyi who was standing behind her trying to figure out just how just what panties she had on.

“Can I talk to you in private?” She whispered. Ifeanyi nodded as he was not still sure if he could talk. He led the way to the room and once they got in, she turned around and locked the door behind them.

“What is going on?” Ifeanyi raised an eyebrow at her.

“”Take that towel off” Came a commanding tone that Ifeanyi knew not to disobey. He pulled the towel off with no hesitation.

“All I want tonight” Dara said as she walked towards him and wrapped a hand around his neck. She engaged his mouth in a deep kiss giving his lips and tongue on a roll around. Her other hand went down and was doing some wrapping around of its own, taking his dick up in a warm embrace.

He wanted to move his hand and feel just what she had on beneath the trench coat but his hands wouldn’t move. It was like they wanted to see just how much self control he had.

Just when he was about losing it, the director broke off the kiss and stared at him. He wish he had superpowers and could read her thoughts at the moment.

Then she started going lower, with her mouth making a brief stop at one of his nipples. She pulled on it with her mouth and licked around it. She left it after biting on it a little. When she got face to face with his navel, she paused and smiled before letting her tongue forward to lick. Ifeanyi did not know when he gasped out and his hands lunged forward and grabbed her head by the side.

“You wanted to kill me?” He asked as he pulled her head away. She just looked up and smiled at him. He felt a sudden wave of anger, was she seeing him as some sort of toy? Okay then, he shook his dick out of her hand and made a lunge for her mouth.

At first, she did not open up but he held her head in place and kept poking his dick at her mouth. She finally opened up slowly at first but then again he was just too hard that she had to open up wide.

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Holding her head firmly, Ifeanyi began to fuck his boss’ mouth as he forced all of his dick in an then out. One of her hand on behind squeezing up his ass and it was not long before he noticed her other hand had disappeared beneath her coat.

This infuriated him the more and he began to fuck her faster with reckless abandon, pausing at intervals to have her choke on his dick. Then pull out with her saliva running all around his dick. He was punishing her and she knew it, he also knew he could go on like this for hours.

That was till he felt her hand leave his buttock and before he knew what was happening, she stuck a finger up his asshole.

His leg wobbled and then froze up, before he could recover control, he was filling up her mouth with his seed. His hold on her head had loosened but she held him in place till she milked him dry then she let him go. He staggered a few steps backwards as he watched her stand up.

Slowly she took off coat and answered the lingering question in his head. She had on black lacy bra and matching thongs..

“When you are back to your senses, come join us” and with that she turned and walked to the living room.

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