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Erotic Story/Boda Tijani Biola has removed 'Bros' [Part 2]

Tijani has been left disappointed by OAU. Left home alone with his father's business, the girls in the neighbourhood he will begin to prey on.

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About a week later, when she was at the tap, she asked for a novel. I went inside to get her a book. Imagine the shock when I got to the sitting room and saw her leaning against the wall. I never imagined my first kiss would come on a day I had not even brushed my teeth and had pimples on my face. She said

“TJ, what do you want to do”

I was not this girl’s mate o, but respect never got me pussy.

I moved closer and gently went to kiss her. She tongued my mouth and I lifted up her hands over her head and pinned them on the wall.

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She took off her shirt and the hair under her armpit was plenty. I didn’t even care at that point. She grabbed my dick and pulled me with it to the three-sitter.

In my own father’s house o.

When I couldn’t unhook her bra, I slipped the bastard up and her breasts came out under the bra. I was disappointed because she had inverted nipples. She told me to press very hard and bite her areolas that the nipples will come out. Walahi they did. And I feasted on those things.

I slid my right hand down to her navel and the top of her skirt. She did not complain so I slipped my hand under her skirt from the top. I met a lot of thick hair and was expecting her to be wet.

When I got to the top of her pussy, and it was dry, I started thinking that I could not even get a woman wet when she grabbed my wrist and took my hand further down. I probed until and my hand found a moist hole.

Without hesitation, I ‘chooked’ two fingers inside and she pulled down her skirt straight. Her pant too.

I started furiously moving my fingers in and out while we were passionately. She brought out my dick and pushed my hands away. My time with the ashawo thought me how to make a smooth entry. So I positioned Biola along the sofa and I knelt between her legs.

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She looked worried as I slid in the cap. She took a sharp breath and held my dick as she warned me to go slowly. I began pressing my pelvis into her crotch. After a few short strokes, I pushed everything into her.

This girl didn’t moan or shout like they do in porn o. So I thought I didn’t know how to fuck. Suddenly, I saw tears slowly rolling down her cheeks. I was afraid and asked her what the problem was. She said I’m her fourth guy and that I was too big. Then she surprised me by turning around and guiding me into her again. I held onto her hips and was going slowly when she said:

“tear it. Please tear it”.

I went into overdrive and kept pumping. She would raise her back and I would push her back down onto the sofa. Sex was about power and control for me at that stage in my life. At some point, her pussy pushed out my dick and she kept repeating ‘stop’. I didn’t.

Instead, I turned her over, grabbed both her legs and put them on my shoulder. This style was very deep and she couldn’t even run anywhere. With every single stroke, I let out the frustration of my inability to secure admission into Biola.

When I looked down at her face, she was sobbing at that point and she couldn’t even scream or moan anymore. I got afraid when she started gasping after every stroke as tears continued to roll down her face.

Overcome with fear, I released her legs and pulled out. I immediately grabbed her pant and cleaned the whitish fluid on my penis. With her eyes closed, she curled up in a foetal position and held her stomach.

When she woke up about five minutes later, I was drinking Viju chocolate as I handed her Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power. She hissed as she got up from the sofa and slapped me.

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“Next time when I tell you to stop, you stop!”

After dressing up, she moved closer and kissed me deeply. She whispered

“That thing will get you into trouble one day” as she grabbed my balls and squeezed hard. She yelled to me at the gate;

“Tijani, come and close the gate o”

So it only took one round of sex for bros to disappear!