From his early days in 2007, when he contested and emerged winner of the talent show, Idol West Africa, Timi Dakolo has steadily grown his craft and the release of his debut album, Beautiful Noise in 2011 elevated his place as one of the finest musicians around, who makes hit records without jumping on trending sounds.

He has also been able to keep his name in rotation with top singles almost every year, and in honour of his contributions to the scene, we look back at seven of his most essential songs.

Iyawo Mi (2014)

Timi Dakolo's "Iyawo mi" Official Video

Iyami Mi which translates to 'My Wife' became a must have on every wedding playlist almost immediately after it was released.

The song written by Timi Dakolo as a dedication to his wife, is a well crafted love letter with a soulful melody that captures the thoughts of a love stricken man on the day of tying the knots.

Produced by Cobhams, who absolutely killed the beats and a vivid visuals that features his real wife, Iyawo Mi is a love tune that is standing and will continue to stand the test of time.

The Vow (2016)

The Vow by Timi Dakolo

Timi Dakolo is the master of love songs and on 'The Vow', he alongside his wife renew their marital commitment through this wholesome record.

Released in 2016 as a celebration of his fourth wedding anniversary, The Vow, doubled Timi's invite to perform at weddings around the nation.

''I promise to be true, to give my all to you, no matter what they say, this heart belongs to you, I thank the Lord above, for giving you to me, forever is just a start, forever is you and me,'' he refreshingly sings.

Wish Me Well (2015)

Timi Dakolo - 'Wish me well'

'Wish Me Well' is the dreamer's anthem. That song that makes you believe and encourages you to aspire.

The average Nigerian outside Lagos imagines life in the city to be the path to prosperity and Timi Dakolo adequately captures their plans and dreams in this song.

With the lyrics, ''I heard about life, life in the city, said that's where all dreams come true, I'm gonna work hard in the city, so wish me well'', Timi alludes to life from the eyes of the rural kid dreaming of an escape route.

One Nation (2011)

Timi Dakolo - One Nation

There are few moments that makes one proud of being a Nigerian and Timi Dakolo serves one with his song, 'One Nation.'

A masterpiece record that imbibes patriotism, belief and pride into your mindset.

If ever there was a need to replace the Nigerian national anthem, then Timi's 'One Nation' slots in perfectly.

Singing,''We are all we have, we will defend our land, we believe in this nation and we know we'll get there'', he evokesthe right emotions in this uplifting song as he extols the greatness and resilience inherent in the country and its citizens.

Medicine (2017)

Timi Dakolo - Medicine ft The Yard people

Timi Dakolo has arguably mastered the art of scoring a major hit record every year and 2017 was the year we all drank out of his 'Medicine'.

Another love song where he appreciates the presence of his wife backed by a comical video featuring his wife alongside his kids, which helps set the visual mood for his message.

Heaven Please (2011)

Timi Dakolo - Heaven Please

There is a cry to the heavens for the return of a lost one.

Featuring MI Abaga, this serves as one of the standout cut on his debut album, as they both look up-to the skies for clarity.

M.I's vibrant verse mixed with Timi's soulful singing creates a perfect blend as in the midst of the spotlight and crowd cheering, the presence and memory of a lost love is all they ask God to recreate, even if for one minute.

''She was like fuel, she gave up herself, to enable I rule, and now I wear a crown, but I lost my jewel, and if death is kind then life is just cruel.''

There is a cry (2011)

''There is a cry from a young boy, in a city running wild, there is cry from a mother, who just lost another child, there is a cry from the people, who have nothing more to lose, everything that they live for, has been wasted and abused.''

The lyrics tells a touching tale of happenings in the Niger Delta, images soulfully painted, cries loudly heard and pain hopelessly expressed.

''Only love remains the answer,'' he preaches in this classic gem of a song from his debut album.