Olakira is an Afro-pop act, music producer, singer-songwriter and instrumentalist and also a music producer signed to U&I Music. In 2019, he released his EP, 'Wakanda Jollof.'

But since then, he has released a buzzing single, 'In My Maserati.' Born Adelusola Ebenezer Femi from Ogun state, he studied Mass Communication at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. He also has a diploma in Desktop publishing.

Recently, he had a conversation with Pulse Nigeria during which he discussed his transition and other things.

Pulse: What changed for Olakira between ‘Wakanda Jollof’ and ‘In My Maserati’?

Olakira: Self-development, improvement and the belief in myself I trust my abilities more and have a better understanding of what the fans want

Pulse: Why title the project, ‘Wakanda Jollof’?

Olakira: Wakanda is a unifying word for blacks in general &recognized worldwide as a good symbol for Africa.

While Jollof is Africa’s favourite spicy rice dish. So I’m basically serving up a spicy dish from the continent of Africa to the rest of the world.

Pulse: How did you create ‘In My Maserati’?

Olakira My recipe for creating 'In My Maserati' is simple good positive vibes and love of women garnished with my taste for the luxury vehicle brand.

While making 'In My Maserati,' I felt the whole world was depressed & saddened by the pandemic therefore a happy vibe would raise the spirit of the people. I used that knowledge as a foundation to start the production. To God be the glory the calculation was accurate.

Pulse: What was the strategy behind it from a streaming and traditional media perspective?

Olakira: Strategy has always been to create timeless classics that can reach every part of the world regardless of age, class, colour and gender.

Pulse: Did you think this song would get this noticed?

Olakira: I always put the very best in every thing that inspires me especially when making music 'In My Maserati' was not an exception. I think all musicians are hopeful of recognition with every release, its never part of the plan for release to go unoticed.

Grateful to God Almighty and every lover of good music worldwide for accepting & appreciating hard work. The Massive love worldwide within 4 weeks of release burst my brains though (Smile)

Pulse: What is your greatest strength on this journey?

Olakira: God Almighty, my heart, talent and the support of the good team around me

Pulse: Describe your sound?

Olakira: Afrobeat infused with R&B.

Pulse: What inspires you and how do you create?

Olakira: I am mostly inspired by melodies in my head, relationships, & situations around me.

Pulse: Any new projects? If yes, which ones and when will they drop?

Olakira: I am working tirelessly so I could keep giving my fans timeless classics. I will be shooting a video for my new single 'Lovesick' with Clarence Peters.

I have several features that will be released before the year ends and by the grace of GOD a media tour across the country.