A new film, ‘Romantic Scammer’ featuring Yemi Blaq and Rachel Oniga opens a conversation about one of the most popular internet scams.

Directed by Clem Aigbor, ‘Romantic Scammer’ also features Australian economist and actress, Nash Baskerville, Emmanuel Igwe, and El Splashy.

The film had scenes shot in Nigeria and some parts of Australia.

Speaking on the film, producer and lead actress, Nash Baskerville said she was inspired to write the story following the experiences of some of the Australian nationals. 

Emmanuel Igwe and Nash Baskerville attend the premiere of 'Romantic Scammer' in Lagos, Nigeria.

The reason behind the movie is to expose scammers and as well inform the world that Nigerians are not all scammers but only some bad ones. The first time I came to Nigeria, I saw people I found out that Nigerians are lovely people. We read and see several incidents of scams in the name of love back in Australia but we also found out that not all Nigerians are scammers. We approached the Nigerian police for support and after reading the script, they loved the story and supported us in shooting the film,” Baskerville said.

On his part, the lead actor, Emmanuel Igwe, who played the lead role, said it was interesting working with a foreigner on a movie project. He also said it is good seeing a foreigner writing a story and supporting the cause of Nollywood by putting out the real story.

Romantic Scammer is based on a true story where a naive Australian divorced lady Jessica is scammed in the name of love. Scammers drain her emotionally and financially and leave her with a broken heart while enjoying her money. Truth prevails at the end and the scammers are caught and sent to prison.