Pan-African studio, Restless Global, is set to produce 'State of Betrayal,' a screen adaptation of Michela Wrong’s 2009 best seller “It’s Our Turn to Eat.'

In 2002, after ground-breaking elections that put an end to dictatorship in Kenya, former journalist and activist John Githongo was tapped by the new and massively popular government to head its anti-corruption department.

But after a promising start, things took a dark turn when Githongo discovered that the very people he had entrusted with his hopes and dreams for reform were the ones pulling the strings of graft in the shadows.

Despite the implications to his career and personal life, Githongo made the difficult decision to disavow his ethnic loyalties and investigate a multi-million dollar corruption scandal, hence becoming the highest-ranking African official to ever blow the whistle against his own government, which he did in a historic sit-down interview with the BBC in London.

After years spent in exile in the UK, Githongo eventually came back to Kenya and resumed his activities as a civil society advocate.

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But still today, his persona divides Kenyan public opinion between those who considered his choices heroic and those who saw them as acts of betrayal.

Restless Global’s Lora-Mungai optioned the rights to Wrong’s book in 2011, after convincing the author and her agents, who were fielding several requests from other producers, that she would be the best suited to do justice to the story.

A former journalist herself for CNN and the BBC, Lora-Mungai is also the executive producer of Kenya’s highly popular puppet political satire TV program The XYZ Show.

'State of Betrayal', which was penned by up-and-coming Kenyan writer Nadeem Rajwani, is being produced by Tendeka Matatu ('Jerusalem,' 'Gangsters' Paradise,' 'Cold.') and Bronwyn Cornelius ('You Were Never Here').