Over the weekend,

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In the interview, the actress undefined, among other interesting topics.

On Sunday, August 14, Nwokoye took to social media to respond to the interview making rounds.

According to the "Ada Mbano" actress, she didn't grant any interview saying actors sleep around to get roles.

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The actress also took to her Instagram page to speak on journalists focusing more on positive happenings in Nollywood - good cameras, updated equipments among others.

"It is only in Nigeria a journalist will still be asking about sex for roles in 2016. I hardly read about such when i see interviews from other countries. There are other positive things happening in nollywood. Good cameras,upto date equipments etc. Focus on the positives . Write things that will sell the industry instead of always dwelling on the perceived negatives," she wrote.

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Read her interview with Punch, which she claims was misconstructed:

‘‘If it is true that actresses have to sleep with producers to get roles, I’m happy I didn’t have to do so. Sometimes, it is people’s way of trying to explain away their failure. I didn’t pass through it."

"From my experience, nobody ever asked to sleep with me. If you present yourself as someone that can sleep around to get roles, people will treat you that way. But the truth is how many people do you want to sleep with before you become famous?" the actress reportedly said during interview with Samuel Olatunji for Punch.

In 2014, prominent filmmaker, Blessing Egbe, described acting as a gateway to prostitution.

"Acting is now the gateway to prostitution. People will do anything to have their faces on the screen because market go come and true true, market plenty," she said.