So you can act - good for you!

The question is how are you displaying and promoting your art to casting agents, fans and even potential investors? Apart from your performance skills, there are still some other things that you need to complete your package as an artiste.


A headshot is a close up portrait of yourself (most times of your face). This is one of the tools you can use to score yourself an audition - casting directors will use this to decide if you have the right physical features of a role.

It might just be a picture but it needs to convey an idea of the sort of person you are. Your headshots should include shots of your face showing different expressions.

Example: In the image above OC UKeje poses behind a blue backgroud. It's not a headshot, it's more of a medium shot but his expression passes a message.

Talent agent

As a newbie on the scene, finding jobs can be difficult. The job of a talent agent or an agency is to help you find job and introduce you to the industry. An agent helps you get jobs you wouldn’t have been able to get on your own. The job of a manager is different from an agent.

A manager plays a more personal role in the sense that he or she oversees your career. In Nigeria, a lot of times, managers tend to also play the role of a talent agent.

Example: TV presenter and actress Sika Osei recently signed to Talent-Etc which is an artist management and talent agency based in South Africa. Osei is also managed by Princess Behaviour.

Show reel

Showreels serve as a visual resume; it’s usually made up of clips of several professional projects an actor has been on. The purpose of this us to showcase one’s acting talent.

For newbie actors who haven't worked on any projects, your showreels can also be made up of monologues (including drama, comedy).

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If you are looking to position yourself as a brand, then a website is very much needed. You need a place to showcase yourself without someone having to search for you for hours online. The site should include your resume (stating the work you’ve done) as well as headshots, reel and contact details so casting directors can reach you on.

Social media

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make yourself discoverable online is via social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can use these platforms to showcase your work and market yourself. Social media also provides a way for you to directly connect and engage with your fans.