The Voice Nigeria finalist,

According to the talented singer, he hates auditions. "I can't audition because then I forget how to sing," he said in the exclusive interview.

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Read excerpts from the interview, and watch the video below.

On his audition:

My audition was good. You know they get a lot of people who want to be on the show. So the first audition in Lagos, I was very nervous, but then I got a call that I would be part of the show. Then the blind audition was the most nerve-wracking experience of my life, because I hate auditioning.

I can sing in front of many people, but I can't audition because then I forget how to sing. But I pulled through thankfully, so that was worth it.

On thinking he could win:

I imagined that I could win. I mean we all imagined that every now and then on the show. My major aim really was to get to the finals. I thought 'if I get to the finals, I think I am good. I think I will be able to have proven to myself that I can really really do this.'

I got what I asked for, so not all hope is lost that I didn't win.

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On his best performance:

I love all my performances for different reasons, but my favourite of all is "Simply the Best.' Because it was so raw and emotional.

Like I said before, I am alway this person that is in control of my emotions and feelings. When I am performing, I like to be in control of everything that is going on. But then, this time, everything just got to me, because at that point, so many people had gone home, so many people who are amazing talent, and I was still here.

Everything got to me, and I decided to not always be in control so much. Just let it happen.

On most dramatic things about show:

The coaches played a lot. We just got to see them differently. You know they are celebrities, but then you get to see them play with each other, yab each other, yab us, and we yab them. That was fun.

We the contestants, we got to mimic ourselves a lot. Like after somebody's performance, the entire weeks after we are just playing back what they did, and that was fun.

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The singer also spoke on why he signed up for the show, having Patoranking as his judge, what he learnt from the show, being nervous on TV, among others.

Nonso was one of the top eight finalists on the show, alongside Brenda, Cornel, Chike, Arese, Dewe, Viveyeen and Patrick.

Nonso performed a rendition of Seal's Kiss From A Rose,'  which got him four-turns during his blind auditions. He went for team Patoranking.