Instagram sensation, Gloria Oloruntobi, says she’s viewed as a weaker person because she’s a female in the third edition of Mercy Johnson-Okojie’s cook-talk show.

Speaking on her career growth with Mercy Johnson, 23-year-old Maraji emphasised the need to be seen as an influencer first before being tagged as a female. “A lot of people feel like feminist are fighters but I feel that feminism is all about fighting for equality… just because I am a female, I am seen as a weaker person, I am not! I am equally as strong as a man. I am an influencer before you see me as a ‘female,” Maraji tells Mercy Johnson.

On her choice of various characters that has seen her become one of Nigeria’s Instagram influencer, Maraji revealed that “I always used to think that I will have a lot of trouble picking a talent that I will settle on, but I realized that I could do that. With technology and social media, I can create different personalities and creativity, just put them into different people.

On Sunday, August 11, 2019, Maraji began trending after putting up some posts on her Instagram stories. The post had several fans and religious pundits dragging her on social media for taking sides with one religion over others.

Maraji became a social media influencer after showing up as several characters on her Instagram account.