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In season five of show, Sansa Stark was raped on her wedding night by sadistic husband Ramsay Bolton.

In an interview with Telegraph,Iwan Rheon who plays Bolton, defended the scene. According to him, people offended by his controversial marriage rape scene should worry about real victims.

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"It was a daunting thing to do, I was dreading it, I couldn’t sleep. But, as an actor, you’ve just go to get on with it and be a professional," he said.

"I was surprised by the outcry because I thought that they had handled it, creatively, very well. They hadn’t oversexualised it or made it too gratuitous. They hadn’t trivialised it. I thought it moved the characters forward."

I think they could have done it in a much more brutal way. I think the main response is because it’s Sansa. If it had been someone else, there would have been no mention of it. There’s much less mention of the burning of children and stuff like that, which is quite odd. "

"I think maybe if people put more effort into the charities that help women in the world today deal with the horror of rape, and put less effort into social media about a fantasy show, then maybe things could change."

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In a recent interview with Sunday Times Style, Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa on show, had defended the controversial scene.

According to the 19-year-old, the show simply doesn't shy away from the reality of what happened in those days.

"The thing is, Game of Thrones does not shy away from the reality of what happened in those times," she said.

"The oppression of women happened and still happens, particularly in wars and arranged marriages. Why is there so much attention when it happens on television and not when it happens in the real world?"

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In season one of show, Emilia Clarke who plays Mother of Dragons on show,  was coerced into marriage to Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo, and forced to consummate their union on their wedding night.

In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine, Clarke spoke on the, and how it affected her character.

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Titled "The Red Woman," the season six premiere episode came to an end with Melisandre, in the privacy of her quarters, removing her magical necklace to reveal her true form as an ancient crone.

Watch a "Game of Thrones" trailer below.