How involved should mothers be in their daughters relationships? [Recap]

What would you do if you walked in on your mum kneeling and apologizing to your ex on your behalf, because she wants you married 'Before 30'.?

'Before 30' TV series set to hit TV screens

That awkward moment when you get home and find your mum apologizing to your ex on your behalf.

How involved should a mum be in her daughter's relationship? Temi's mum has no boundary in episode 3 of the undefined

The show which just aired its third episode on Sunday, April 12, on Africa Magic Urban, is one show that gets better with each episode.

Before we go into the hilarious and interesting episode three, check out 7 things you should know about episode 1 and 2;

  • Temi's boyfriend of four years,
  • Temi has
  • Temi meets a new guy,

Episode 3 Recap.

As earlier stated, the show gets better with each episode.

Temi wakes up thinking of how to break up with the new boyfriend, David (What happened to "I will be damned if I don't get married 'Before 30'?)

It turns out Temi's mum (Tunbosun Aiyedehin) likes David, and is already asking about marriage plans.

Temi says she won't be the one to propose to her self, 'but you should facilitate it. That's what ladies do,' her mum replied.

Then she asks the weird question, 'do you satisfy him the other way ( sexually).? (OMG).

Temi isn't the only one with issues. Turns out Aisha's husband, Sheriff, doesn't touch her when she is on her period, he doesn't even hold hands with her.

How do you deal with such a problem? According to Temi, you simply teach him a lesson by denying him sex whenever he is in the mood.

Move over to Ama who has a new guy in her life. The thing is, she lied to him about her virginity. According to Ama, she has had sex only once and that was six years ago.

Temi finally broke up with David (what happened to keeping the great guys?), who accepted it, and accepted to be just friends with her.

Temi doesn't want her mum finding out about the breakup so, she asks him not to tell her mum.

When you want your daughter married before 30, you don't give up on any good guy she introduces to you. Temi's mum asks about David, and she finally tells him they are over.

As expected, she got hysterical. Temi tells her mum she did the breaking up (Like that can calm a desperate mum down).

Mum wants to know if there was cheating, Temi says Yes, claiming that she cheated on David.

This has to be the most interesting part of the episode. That moment you get home and find your mum apologizing to your ex on your behalf.

So, Temi's mum invited David and started her "I know my daughter wronged you. She told me she cheated on u" speech.

Surprised David decided to play along, and then she did the unexpected, she KNELT down to apologize to David (you can count on Temi's mum to be a source of OMG moments).

David said Temi should be the one apologising . She got up and asked Temi to kneel down and apologise to him.

David whose day got better, decided to have fun, and told Temi's mum that not only she did go astray once, but with different people.

Aisha followed Temi's advice and didn't have sex Sheriff. He later apologised by writing "I'm sorry" on the mirror, and they made up (guess Aisha has found her weapon against Sheriff).

Ama told her new boyfriend the truth about her virginity, and he broke up with her. The episode ended with 589 days later.... (Whatever that means, we are excited about the next episode).

There are so many topics to discuss from episode, but, let us focus on Temi's mum. She made us laugh, frown, sigh and scream OMG.

How involved should a mother be in her daughter's relationship? Was she right or wrong to have invited David over to apologise on behalf of her daughter Temi?


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