In a video shared today, April 20, 2016 by Goldmyne TV a man who had reportedly been tracking Orezi caused a huge scene when he asked the 'Ghen Ghen' singer why he had been sleeping with his wife.

According to Goldmyne TV, this scene played out after the artiste's show at Surulere, Lagos, on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

The enraged husband could be heard saying, "Because you be celeb, you think say you fit fcuk my wife abi? Shey e good like that?"

The scorned lover then pounced on the singer and was ready to beat him up but for the timely intervention of the mobile policemen that escorted him to the show.

The Sprisal Entertainment singer with hit songs such as ‘Shuperu’, ‘Shoki’, ‘You Garrit’ and ‘Rihanna’ has shown immense consistency in the release of dance music over the past two years.

He recently took his art further by releasing his debut album titled 'The GhenGhen'.

Watch the confrontation between Orezi and the scorned husband  in video below.