"Dear Pulse,

My name is , a 38-year-old single woman desperately in need of love. I run my own business and I must say that by the grace of God, my business is doing very well.

I travel out of the country at least five times every year to get stock for my boutiques in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt. I am ugly though I can't say I am a beauty queen but I know I am good enough for any man.

But I have Every man I meet has always been after my body, money and what else I can offer and after sucking me dry, they will run off, leaving me heartbroken.

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I may look very happy on the outside and I keep a smile whenever I interact with people but I can tell you that I have this secret pain inside of me and most nights, I cry myself to sleep instead of being in the arms of my husband.

I can't count the men who have come into my life with promises of staying by my side through thick and thin but once they get what they want, they will dump me like a bad sore.

Some of my friends have said I play into the hands of the men easily because once I fall in love, I do everything to make my man happy and comfortable. I would not mind giving him money to start off a business, pay his house rent or even help with his siblings' school fees.

I don't see this as a fault of mine because I have a generous heart and I can give out my last Kobo if I see anyone in need and when the person is someone I am in love with,

ALSO READ: "Morning Teaser: 'At 38, I am desperate to get married'"

But I always come out the worse for it because they always end up hurting and disgracing me. I have prayed, fasted, gone for deliverance to wash off any bad luck on my head but it seems none is working.

I am getting old and I really want to settle down but no man is willing to go the whole hog with me. I don't even mind sponsoring my wedding if I meet the right man.


Dear readers, just like we had the issue of Daniella a few days ago, we also have that of Monica here. On Morning Teaser, we are asking any good man worthy of her to get in touch fast as we will deliver the messages to her.