In August 2017, Adamu, a secondary school student in Kaduna State bought a house and a shop. Naturally, an overjoyed young man would want to share the news with people who matter — his father being whose approval he seeks had to know.

Adamu told his father unnamed father. Expectedly, his father asked him how he got the money for such expensive purchases, and he gave his father a randomly incoherent narrative about how he started receiving million Naira credit alerts on his phone — without owning a bank account.

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According to Linda Ikeji’s blog, his unconvinced, father did the noble thing — he reported to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) zonal office in Kaduna State that his son might be fraudulent and became his son’s whistleblower.

Immediately, the Commission commenced an investigation and all parties involved were invited — Adamu had mentioned two principal accomplices during his confession.

Through investigation, It has since been discovered that Adamu withdrew monies from a First Bank account number 3033389599 owned by one Porong Daniel Nash (a farmer in plateau state); and transferred those monies to different accounts. The means he withdraws through remains unpublicized.

Over the past weeks, N939,000 (Nine Hundred and Thirty Nine Thousand Naira) has been recovered and same was returned to the rightful owner by the Zonal Office.

It will be something should the father get the 2.5–5 percent commission for whistleblowers as provided by the Nigerian Ministry of Finance from exposing his son. His son had told him he made N2.5 million.