The designer who reveals that people stop him in traffic to ask if he makes clothes for a living shares how he has always loved styling and putting pieces on people the right way.

The fast growing brand out of Nigeria known for his clean cut signature reveals that "fashion has been a part of me since my university days, it always about styling for me, If I see you wearing something not good, I'll suggest to try this and that" noting that his flair for styling and designing was particularly highlighted during his university days.

Revealing how he started after university, he's always picked out outfits for people close to him; "I help my friends pick out their outfits".

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After leaving the university and looking for what to do; "My wife encouraged me to go into fashion. After university, I thought of what to do and my girlfriend then, wife now suggested why not go into fashion" and till date he hasn't looked back.

"I went back to the basics, I had to learn how to sew, cut and do the whole thing. Where I learnt somewhere in Lagos I paid attention to how the person was running the entire business, paying attention to the way he attends to his clients especially with bespoke tailoring which involves a lot attention to details" he shares about equipping himself before starting out on his own.

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"I started from my house, I did my thing inside my house" he reveals about how he started. He also dished on the identity a designer wears and every other thing that makes it all come together.

Watch the designer dish on his career in fashion and everything else in the exclusive interview.