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Sex Tools 6 things you must always have in your bedroom for a hotter sex life

Having a couple of objects in your sex treasure chest can be a fantastic way to make your sex life even hotter. Check out some great important ones in this piece.

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Sex tip play

Sex tip

Sex is not just about two bodies coming together. You can explore your sexuality and make things a lot hotter by using a few simple tools.

These six major ones must-haves.

1. Blindfolds

You do not have to be kinky sex lovers to enjoy the thrill you can get from having yourself or your partner blindfolded. It can be a huge turn on for one person to be blindfolded, giving himself/herself to the sweet sensual feelings, while the other enjoy having complete and total control.  Great way to bring that element of surprise into your love life.

Blindfolds for sex play

Blindfolds for sex


2. Lubricant

No sex box is complete without a couple of lubricants. Sex is so much better when things are wet than dry, if you know what we mean. So, have one handy in case you guys encounter some challenges.

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3. Handcuffs

You can have those fuzzy little cuffs, a soft rope or even a scarf, depending on what you are comfortable with. These are great for role playing plus hand ties are great for all types of positions and it turns women on when they have to struggle.

Cuffs play



4. Condoms

It always pays to be safe, you never know when you might need them.

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5. Sex position books/apps

Having a go-to library of fun sex moves can add that extra spice to the bedroom. While hanging out with your partner, you could both have a look through and each person gets a turn to choose something new to try.

6. Vibrator

Be it the finger vibe or penis vibe, these fancy little toys can come in very handy in the bedroom if you are feeling inventive.