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Penis Facts 5 true things you did not know about erections and men

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I bet you do not really know your penis as much as you think you do. Trust me, these five facts will surely blow your mind.

Do you really know your penis? Are you knowledgeable about erections?

Well, Wha’anda has some penis and erection facts that may blow your mind.

  1. Too much masturbation can affect your erection. If you masturbate too much, you might have problems with your getting your penis fully erect. According to a sex therapist guy who has not masturbated for a long time is more likely to have a stronger erection than the one that masturbated very recently.

  2. Body size can affect erection size. Believe it or not your erection is very much affected by your body size. Men with obesity issues are most likely going to have erection problems too, because they will also have low testosterone levels. So staying fit is highly important.

  3. Getting enough sleep is important. Simply put, more sleep is good for your erection.

  4. Erections are weakened by too much smoking and drinking. It has been discovered that many men who suffer erectile dysfunctions abuse alcohol and smoked too much. Step down on those habits and keep your erection.

  5. Oral sex can make the penis larger. Getting oral sex can make the erection stronger and make the penis longer. So you might want to ask for one before making out.

Feel free to pass on the knowledge.