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Cowgirl How to ride a man without stress

Your man love's the whole riding style. It's so much fun until you feel the cramp in your legs.

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How to ride a man without stress play

Ride your partner without stress.


The cowgirl positions is quite known but it is not as popular as the doggy and missionary. This is because it requires a bit more muscle action from the lady than the other two.

If you want to give your man that fun ride and yourself a more pleasurable experience without the cramps and stress, below are things you need to know for that smooth ride.

1. Exercise and stretch before sex

Exercising or stretching before sex can help warm up your muscles and ginger you for that sexual activity you are embarking on. Sex is a physical exercise, and you may be getting tired because your muscles aren’t geared up. So, if able, stretch your body.

2. Pleasure yourself first

A lot of women end up in these uncomfortable positions because they focus on pleasing only the guy. He already loves the view he's getting and that turns him on already, so find a suitable position for your legs that allows you ride him without stress.

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3. Let him get the work done

Let him do some work, simply because you are on top doesn’t mean you have to ride. An example is laying on him while he moves his hips, or bend above him while he does the work. Being on top doesn't require you do all the work.

4. The reverse cowgirl

This is just the opposite of the cowgirl position. The reverse cowgirl gives your legs a break from getting tired. Nevertheless, the only variation is you get to ride them with you facing their feet and all they see is your back.

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5. Get to switch positions

You can switch into more comfortable positions when you get tired of the riding. There is no law that states you have to continue the cowgirl ride. So if you need a break, just tell your partner to switch positions.