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Coitus 5 sex things you shouldn't feel bad about

Have sex without bothering about the irrelevant things.

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5 sex things you shouldn't feel bad about play



Sexual urges vary from person to person, whether you’re asexual or just happen to be less into sex lately. Maybe you’re depressed, or exhausted, but if your partner instantly panics and acts like you don’t want to have sex with them, it's not going to do anything except make you feel bad for listening to your own body.

Below are irrelevant things you don't have to worry about during sex.

1. Thinking you have to do the sex style other women are doing

 Here it is, you don't have to spit or deep throat, standing 69 or whatever just because they've seen it in porn, or done it with an ex. If all other woman does it and you don't want to, they can go find someone who isn’t you.

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2. Wanting to use lube

Because we as a society do not talk about lube enough, doesn’t mean you’re weird for wanting to have sex with latex friction. If someone thinks fingering you for two minutes is enough lube for you, that's on them.

3. Not being able to have penetrative sex because of pains

Endometriosis can make vaginal intercourse really painful for many women. There are lots of other things you can do in bed together, but that can only happen with a great partner you can trust.

4. Using a vibrator

Whether masturbating on your own or using it during sex, there is nothing about vibrators that is competition for your partner.

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5. Not feeling comfortable naked

Partners worth sleeping with wouldn’t want you to hide anything. Having sex where you’re not both completely obsessed with each other’s bodies is not sex worth having.